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In case of emergency, regardless if it's a frozen sprinkler head or major leak. ASFS is a phone call away from repairing your system. Our experienced repair team will complete your repair in a neat and timely fashion. All-Safe Fire Sprinkler Co. offers 24 hour emergency service, in case your property needs service after hours. Our typical response time is within the hour. Repairs are generally discovered during visual inspections or mechanical and electrical tests & inspections that are conducted on installed fire sprinkler systems by actively licensed fire sprinkler companies in New Jersey. Repairs are necessary for the installed fire sprinkler system to be readily operational at all times. To the right there is an image of a faulty, corroded and inoperable sprinkler head which requires repairs as an example.



Fire sprinkler systems may have mechanical failures in valves, fire sprinklers, sprinkler heads, standpipes, fire pumps, fire service mains, hydrants, fire hose connections, FDC outlets, water tanks and water towers just to name a few devices and components that may be part of your installed fire sprinkler system. Mechanical failures should be addressed, fixed or repaired immediately to avoid safety, building and fire code violations.

Fire sprinkler repairs are generally repairs to frozen, ruptured or broken fire sprinkler or standpipe lines, fire hydrants that leak, inoperable backflow preventers, valves that are rusted and corroded, sprinkler heads, FDC outlets and fire hose connections that are leaking, damaged by impact or have broken swivels or heads.Electrical repairs to fire sprinkler systems are sometimes required to troubleshoot alarms, fire control room, shorts in electrical wiring, alarm triggers, detectors or sensors and electronic controllers that may be installed as part of your fire sprinkler system

You'll want an experienced technician actively licensed to work on fire sprinklers. Rest assured that All-Safe Fire Sprinkler Co. has licensed professionals with decades of experience to handle any of your repair needs.